Use a Limo Company for Airport Transportation

No matter where you live, you know that finding reliable and trustworthy airport transportation services to and from the airport can be an overwhelming experience. Ronnie at San Jose Limousine says that many people generally turn to cab and shuttle services. Most are not aware of airport services provided by limo companies. There is certainly an assumption that limo companies provide limos for weddings, proms and extravagant occasions. Little do they know that limo companies provide multiple airport and corporate level services every single day and most of their clientele are airport or corporate clients. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to find the right limo company for airport service.

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Any company can call themselves the best limo company in the area. But the most reliable feedback that you are going to get about a company’s services will come from the customers who have used it themselves. So I would go to sites like Yelp or Google and start weeding out the companies with terrible ratings. Make a list of the top 5 companies with the best reviews and ratings.

Price Shop

Once you have your list of 5 companies, call each company and find out the cost for an airport transfer. Be specific about where the pick up/drop off is and which airport. You will be given a quote. Find out what is included in this cost. Some companies will quote a base price which does not include fees, mileage and driver’s gratuity. Some will quote everything included except driver’s gratuity. A few companies will state that it includes everything, including the gratuity. Since you can’t compare apples to oranges, you will simply have to do the math and decide which comes to the best and most acceptable total price.

Additional Things to Consider

There are a few other questions you may want to ask. If you need the driver to meet you inside the airport (aka: “meet and greet”), find out if there is additional cost or if it is included in the total cost. Prices will depend on a few factors: 1) Time of pick up– very early morning pick ups are generally more expensive. 2) Time of day– rush hour on the weekdays may be more expensive as well.    3) Type of vehicle– sedans are the cheapest, followed by the 7-passenger SUVs, and vans.

Benefits of Limo Company

There are many benefits that come with hiring airport transportation with a limo company. First, you will notice professionalism and class with your driver dressed in a suit. Service is door to door and you will notice great etiquette with opening of door to assistance with luggage.

Truck Mounts and Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business

I was driving through the neighborhood the other day and noticed a carpet cleaning van parked outside the driveway with a for sale sign through the window.  Curiosity peaked my interest so I stepped out to read the description and check out the price.  It was a 2005 Chevy and appeared fully equipped with a Blue Line Thermasave for sale as well.  The van was priced decently at $18,500.  I was curious mostly because my cousin was looking into starting his own carpet cleaning business.  He currently works for a family-run business in Walnut Creek, CA and has worked in the carpet cleaning area for 5 years.


I decided to do a bit more research to see what starting a carpet cleaning business entailed.  Jeff Van Duzer from East Bay Carpet Cleaning says the first thing to look into are the permits and licensing requirements to operate the business in your city.  Then you will want to determine whether you want to run the business independently or as franchise.  If you choose to run independently, you have the freedom to run your business the way you would like.  But be sure you get the necessary training and certifications required to perform the job. If you choose to go the franchise route, know that the start up cost for a carpet cleaning franchise ranges between $20-50K.  The usually includes marketing, training and the right to own the brand.

Now to the next order of business, which is to get your carpet cleaning equipment.  Most carpet cleaners use the hot water extraction method for cleaning carpets.  The two types of hot water extraction cleaning machines are the truck mount and portable. Truck mounts can clean carpets faster, but the portable are great at cleaning in hard-to-reach places.  The portables also require frequent emptying because of the small water tanks, which slows down the  process.  Additionally, portables do not have the high level of maintenance as that of a truck mount, and portables cost about $5,000 while truck mounts cost $15,000.

Whether you’re starting your own carpet cleaning, tree care, or roofing business, being adequately prepared will help you get started without delays and any unpleasant surprises.  You can then determine for yourself and in looking at your budget, whether this is a business that you’re to take on.  Van Duzer has established a large clientele base with businesses who need their offices and apartment complexes cleaned–and even limo companies, such as Santa Cruz limo, who need the carpets in their vehicles maintained on a regular basis.

Always do your due-diligence, seek help, and do not forget to market.  Simply running a business will not help help it grown and bring in more income unless you market yourself through business cards, online marketing, through referrals and word-of-mouth or repeat customers.  Good luck with your carpet cleaning endeavors!

Party Suppliers Hit the Road!

As a road user myself, I respect the needs of others. What I am trying to say is that different road users have different needs. Some will have wider loads and therefore need more space than those who are on two wheels. For example: a truck and a motorcycle. Both are road users, both pays registration but different in dimensions. So were I am going with all this?

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.29.44 AM

I, on the other hand, hire out party equipments, namely bouncy castles and inflatable water slides. Depending on my load, the dimensions of my vehicle and accessories varies. If I were to have a big job where a client requested the biggest inflatable water slide available then without a doubt I will need a bigger trailer to carry the load. The inflatable slide may be deflated and the overall size reduced, but people often forget the additional accessories required with such order.

If I am on the road delivering the big slide, I will also need to bring:

  • fence to barricade the big inflatable water slide
  • generator to supply power
  • spare generator in case the other fails
  • extra staff to help out
  • extra ropes to secure the slide in case of strong wind
  • spare tyres for the extra weight on the trailer

Can you see how quickly it’ll all add up? Even with the deflated slides, extra space is still needed for the accessories. That is why I have respected other users requiring more space on the road. Another thing, some accessories that I carry are long enough for it to stick out from the back of the trailer, which is another problem! Can you now see the dilemma I have? Thank goodness you do! Because if you don’t then we need to talk!

My team serves the people of Perth within the metropolitan area of course. Although some long distance travel can occasionally happen. That’s another story. I’ll post it another day. As long as you promise not to judge the writer, then I’m all good!

Registration costs play a role in determining whether a business uses larger vehicles as oppose to smaller sized ones. Take a truck for example, is it warranted to cost twice as much when compared to a medium sized wagon, even with a trailer attached. Should the cost be calculated based on weight or should it be calculated from the size. Perhaps a combination of both?

The discussion about road users will no doubt continue for a little while. For me, a business owner who supplies bouncy castles will continue to keep an eye out for any improvements to be made, to all road users not just me!


Making Transportation Faster and More Environment-Friendly

Innovation of transportation is a continuous process. The innovations are aimed at making transportation more efficient, faster, safer and environment-friendly. The modern means of transportation by land, water and air had made traveling faster and more comfortable. When more transportation facilities were made available, people started to travel more.


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.59.35 PM

Now, many people travel across the globe in connection with their business or profession and also on vacation tours. There are many environmental impacts of the various transportation systems. Click here to see an example of a type of transportation system.  Reduction of emissions by the vehicles has become a necessity. By reducing the transportation emission the world over, the quality of air can be significantly improved. It can also bring positive effects on global warming, climate changes, smog and acid rain. The transportation sector is the major consumer of energy and most of the vehicles require diesel or petrol as the fuel. Hence it is all the more important to make the vehicles more fuel efficient.

Transportation and air pollution

Vehicles are major users of energy and are burning most of the petrol available in the world. Vehicles pollute the air by way of emission of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Transportation field is making the maximum emission. Especially, road transport is the biggest contributor to global warming. Through environmental regulations in many countries could achieve considerable reduction in emission by individual vehicles. However, the rapid increase in the number of vehicles has diminished the effect of this achievement. The solutions to this problem are maximum transition from air and road to rail transport, making all vehicles more energy efficient and maximum electrification of transport.

Is human-powered vehicle a solution?

Bicycle is the only human powered vehicle that is still poplar. In China, even today, bicycle is the vehicle of the common man. However, human-powered vehicle takes more time and will lead to traffic congestion though they will not pollute the environment.

The Super Bus

The Super Bus introduced by a Dutch company is a highly innovative mode of transportation. The Super Bus will run with electricity and it will run at an awesome speed of 155 mph. The Super Bus will have a track infrastructure so that it will not get held up in the traffic.

Super Airliner

The Super Airliner is made of composite materials such as ceramics and plastics thereby making it lighter but stronger. This will increase the efficiency of the aircraft. Shapes that are not possible with steel are possible with the composite materials. The shape of this aircraft enables it to accommodate 800 – 1000 passengers with theatre style seats.

Hypersonic airliner

The new hypersonic airliner with the Reaction Engines A2 is based on a new concept. This aircraft uses liquid hydrogen as fuel as well as coolant for its engines. This aircraft is made of composite materials and it is larger but lighter than the Boeing 747. However, it can use the flight lines and airports of the other type of aircrafts. The Hypersonic airliner travels at 5 time the speed of sound. For example, this plane can reach Sydney from Brussels in 4 hours 36 minutes which is a full day flight for the other planes.

San Francisco Limo Review

Hey everyone, I just wanted to write up a review for San Francisco Limo Company, which I had the pleasure of using two weekends ago.  We rented out a Hummer limo for my buddy’s 25th birthday party with 15 of us and man this limo was the bomb.  It was all decked out.  Came with two flat screen tv’s, all leather seating throughout, fiber optic lighting on the the floor and ceilings, iPod hookup for music and an awesome stereo system.  Not to mention, complementary beverages on ice at the bar.

Service was excellent.  We were picked up right on time at 6pm at Rob’s place in San Mateo.  The driver John was really cool, cracking jokes and made sure we all had a good time.  At the same time, very professional and made sure we were comfortable and got to dinner on time, even though there was a bit of traffic going into the City.  We got dropped off outside Prospect by 6:50pm for our 7pm reservation.  Smooth as butter.

By the way, the food at Prospect is amazing!  Ambiance was nice.  If you’ve never been there, you’ve got to check it out!  It’s a little pricey but if you like fine dining it’s the place to go.  So anyway, we texted Jeff to let him know we’d be out by 9pm and there he was waiting for us out front.  The coordination with our limo driver was spot on.  We got dropped off at Lava Lounge for a few drinks.  Since it was our buddy’s birthday we had to buy him a couple rounds of shots.  Everybody was having a great time.  We were all a bit buzzed, not wasted.  And John was pretty cool and knew we were out to have a good time.

So 10:30pm rolls around and John pulls the limo up, even comes out to make sure we’re all doing okay.  We head on over to Ruby Skye for more drinks and dancing.  Anyway, since this review is about San Francisco Limo, I’m not going to go into details about the club.  I really wanted to give this company the credit it deserves.  Honestly, by the time we got out of Ruby Skye at 1am, we were pretty loud and obnoxious, but John was respectful and got us back home safe;y.  Luckily, we didn’t do anything too crazy.

The booking process was super easy too.  I had called a few places first and nobody was answering their phones!  I finally called San Francisco Limo and Rhonda answered and was so nice and helpful.  She went through everything in detail with us, gave us a quote which was a pretty good deal, and the process was a breeze.  Everything went smooth from the moment we spoke to somebody and booked our limo to the moment we got dropped off at home, there was a hiccup or any inconvenience at all.  And we made sure John got a good tip for the good service.  I’ve never ridden in a limo before, but this is, by far, one of the ones I will remember.

I heard that they do a lot of other services like wine tours to Napa, which I might look into next time.  Take my girlfriend out there for our anniversary and do a little bit of wine tasting and dinner.  Anyway, thank you San Francisco Limo for helping us make this birthday one of the best ever.  If any of you are looking for a limo company with great service and good prices, you have to call this company up.  I’m not getting paid to write this review or plug their business, just telling you the honest truth.  I’ve heard some horror stories from people and their limo experiences so I really wanted to jump on this and share ours.  Anyway, this is their website if you want to check them out