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Party Suppliers Hit the Road!

As a road user myself, I respect the needs of others. What I am trying to say is that different road users have different needs. Some will have wider loads and therefore need more space than those who are on two wheels. For example: a truck and a motorcycle. Both are road users, both pays registration but different in dimensions. So were I am going with all this?

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.29.44 AM

I, on the other hand, hire out party equipments, namely bouncy castles and inflatable water slides. Depending on my load, the dimensions of my vehicle and accessories varies. If I were to have a big job where a client requested the biggest inflatable water slide available then without a doubt I will need a bigger trailer to carry the load. The inflatable slide may be deflated and the overall size reduced, but people often forget the additional accessories required with such order.

If I am on the road delivering the big slide, I will also need to bring:

  • fence to barricade the big inflatable water slide
  • generator to supply power
  • spare generator in case the other fails
  • extra staff to help out
  • extra ropes to secure the slide in case of strong wind
  • spare tyres for the extra weight on the trailer

Can you see how quickly it’ll all add up? Even with the deflated slides, extra space is still needed for the accessories. That is why I have respected other users requiring more space on the road. Another thing, some accessories that I carry are long enough for it to stick out from the back of the trailer, which is another problem! Can you now see the dilemma I have? Thank goodness you do! Because if you don’t then we need to talk!

My team serves the people of Perth within the metropolitan area of course. Although some long distance travel can occasionally happen. That’s another story. I’ll post it another day. As long as you promise not to judge the writer, then I’m all good!

Registration costs play a role in determining whether a business uses larger vehicles as oppose to smaller sized ones. Take a truck for example, is it warranted to cost twice as much when compared to a medium sized wagon, even with a trailer attached. Should the cost be calculated based on weight or should it be calculated from the size. Perhaps a combination of both?

The discussion about road users will no doubt continue for a little while. For me, a business owner who supplies bouncy castles will continue to keep an eye out for any improvements to be made, to all road users not just me!