Making Transportation Faster and More Environment-Friendly

Innovation of transportation is a continuous process. The innovations are aimed at making transportation more efficient, faster, safer and environment-friendly. The modern means of transportation by land, water and air had made traveling faster and more comfortable. When more transportation facilities were made available, people started to travel more.


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Now, many people travel across the globe in connection with their business or profession and also on vacation tours. There are many environmental impacts of the various transportation systems. Click here to see an example of a type of transportation system.  Reduction of emissions by the vehicles has become a necessity. By reducing the transportation emission the world over, the quality of air can be significantly improved. It can also bring positive effects on global warming, climate changes, smog and acid rain. The transportation sector is the major consumer of energy and most of the vehicles require diesel or petrol as the fuel. Hence it is all the more important to make the vehicles more fuel efficient.

Transportation and air pollution

Vehicles are major users of energy and are burning most of the petrol available in the world. Vehicles pollute the air by way of emission of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Transportation field is making the maximum emission. Especially, road transport is the biggest contributor to global warming. Through environmental regulations in many countries could achieve considerable reduction in emission by individual vehicles. However, the rapid increase in the number of vehicles has diminished the effect of this achievement. The solutions to this problem are maximum transition from air and road to rail transport, making all vehicles more energy efficient and maximum electrification of transport.

Is human-powered vehicle a solution?

Bicycle is the only human powered vehicle that is still poplar. In China, even today, bicycle is the vehicle of the common man. However, human-powered vehicle takes more time and will lead to traffic congestion though they will not pollute the environment.

The Super Bus

The Super Bus introduced by a Dutch company is a highly innovative mode of transportation. The Super Bus will run with electricity and it will run at an awesome speed of 155 mph. The Super Bus will have a track infrastructure so that it will not get held up in the traffic.

Super Airliner

The Super Airliner is made of composite materials such as ceramics and plastics thereby making it lighter but stronger. This will increase the efficiency of the aircraft. Shapes that are not possible with steel are possible with the composite materials. The shape of this aircraft enables it to accommodate 800 – 1000 passengers with theatre style seats.

Hypersonic airliner

The new hypersonic airliner with the Reaction Engines A2 is based on a new concept. This aircraft uses liquid hydrogen as fuel as well as coolant for its engines. This aircraft is made of composite materials and it is larger but lighter than the Boeing 747. However, it can use the flight lines and airports of the other type of aircrafts. The Hypersonic airliner travels at 5 time the speed of sound. For example, this plane can reach Sydney from Brussels in 4 hours 36 minutes which is a full day flight for the other planes.

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