San Francisco Limo Review

Hey everyone, I just wanted to write up a review for San Francisco Limo Company, which I had the pleasure of using two weekends ago.  We rented out a Hummer limo for my buddy’s 25th birthday party with 15 of us and man this limo was the bomb.  It was all decked out.  Came with two flat screen tv’s, all leather seating throughout, fiber optic lighting on the the floor and ceilings, iPod hookup for music and an awesome stereo system.  Not to mention, complementary beverages on ice at the bar.

Service was excellent.  We were picked up right on time at 6pm at Rob’s place in San Mateo.  The driver John was really cool, cracking jokes and made sure we all had a good time.  At the same time, very professional and made sure we were comfortable and got to dinner on time, even though there was a bit of traffic going into the City.  We got dropped off outside Prospect by 6:50pm for our 7pm reservation.  Smooth as butter.

By the way, the food at Prospect is amazing!  Ambiance was nice.  If you’ve never been there, you’ve got to check it out!  It’s a little pricey but if you like fine dining it’s the place to go.  So anyway, we texted Jeff to let him know we’d be out by 9pm and there he was waiting for us out front.  The coordination with our limo driver was spot on.  We got dropped off at Lava Lounge for a few drinks.  Since it was our buddy’s birthday we had to buy him a couple rounds of shots.  Everybody was having a great time.  We were all a bit buzzed, not wasted.  And John was pretty cool and knew we were out to have a good time.

So 10:30pm rolls around and John pulls the limo up, even comes out to make sure we’re all doing okay.  We head on over to Ruby Skye for more drinks and dancing.  Anyway, since this review is about San Francisco Limo, I’m not going to go into details about the club.  I really wanted to give this company the credit it deserves.  Honestly, by the time we got out of Ruby Skye at 1am, we were pretty loud and obnoxious, but John was respectful and got us back home safe;y.  Luckily, we didn’t do anything too crazy.

The booking process was super easy too.  I had called a few places first and nobody was answering their phones!  I finally called San Francisco Limo and Rhonda answered and was so nice and helpful.  She went through everything in detail with us, gave us a quote which was a pretty good deal, and the process was a breeze.  Everything went smooth from the moment we spoke to somebody and booked our limo to the moment we got dropped off at home, there was a hiccup or any inconvenience at all.  And we made sure John got a good tip for the good service.  I’ve never ridden in a limo before, but this is, by far, one of the ones I will remember.

I heard that they do a lot of other services like wine tours to Napa, which I might look into next time.  Take my girlfriend out there for our anniversary and do a little bit of wine tasting and dinner.  Anyway, thank you San Francisco Limo for helping us make this birthday one of the best ever.  If any of you are looking for a limo company with great service and good prices, you have to call this company up.  I’m not getting paid to write this review or plug their business, just telling you the honest truth.  I’ve heard some horror stories from people and their limo experiences so I really wanted to jump on this and share ours.  Anyway, this is their website if you want to check them out

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